Hi I'm Elle, born in the year 199?. Guess and I'll follow you maybe:). So yeah, I'm always on tumblr these days because I live in the most depressing place in the world, here in Wales. It's always raining and cloudy so no one wants to go out. I mean, I don't like the rain much but it's not like it will kill anyone to go out while its fucking raining right?!¬ And yeah I've developed this habit of saying SHIT all the time. Is that bad?


Okay so we’re back to square one again, it’s such a pity.

The perfect date for a perfect prom night. It was all I ever wanted and a little more.
He pulled the seat out for me every time I was about to sit down. He held on to my waist when I became a little clumsy. He gave me his jacket when we strolled outside, even though I repeatedly refused it. He played along with my friend’s craziness and mine too. He even showed me this amazing view at the top of a building when we got bored during the party.

It was a perfect night, But you should have kissed me.

Pink hair love.
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oh hey:) thanks and yeah sure i’ll submit. 

I never really reblog on this blog but hey…This is my bro.
My nights are filled with stars, but not one I could wish upon.


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Story of my life

Searching for the right

But it keeps avoiding me.

Unconsciously missed our train while taking pictures. Just how we roll>.